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English proverbs in songs – ”When in Rome”

English proverbs in songs – ”When in Rome”

Have you ever been to Rome? Have you ever heard this expression ? Today, we are going to learn everything about this expression.

Meaning: It means that it is polite and respectful to adapt your way of behaving when you are in a different culture or society.Basically, we use this expression when we want to recommend to someone that they behave appropriately. Then they will be respectful and respected:)

Example: “At work everyone dresses very casually… I used to dress formally, but when in Rome, do as the Romans

Origin: Where did this saying come from? Well, the expression was found in a letter from Saint Augustine from 390AD. In that letter, there is a sentence which says: “When I go to Rome, I fast on Saturday, but here [in Milan] I do not.

Because it is such a well-known expression, sometimes we can just say “When in Rome” and people will understand. The whole proverb appeares in the song by Tonny Bennett &Bill Evans:

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