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Why Should Your School or Company Use a Virtual Learning Environment?

Why Should Your School or Company Use a Virtual Learning Environment?

What is a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)?

In the last 10 years, education has benefited from a real e-revolution – most schools and universities now have a functioning Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), at the heart of their teaching and e-learning programmes – a virtual ‘shadow’, if you prefer. Ability to access a ‘Virtual’ room 24/7 as either a duplicate or extension of their physical classroom is a clear advantage for learners and teachers alike. Every educational establishment ought to integrate a VLE into their lessons and allow it to become second nature to learners and educators outside of the classroom. Here are some reasons why:

Let’s Learn English allows teachers to integrate already built-in online content quickly and easily into their classrooms, providing a highly flexible solution to teachers and students, and gives outstanding customer support and training to get the best out of any blended learning path. Teachers can still add their own materials to the online learning resources – or ask us to for them.

Teachers have the convenience of a dedicated markbook, or gradebook, that makes it quick and easy to monitor their students’ progress – they can check how individual learners or whole classes are performing. This flexible approach allows teachers to analyse more easily where further explanation or practice of a topic area or language point may be required. Students can download audio files, or do online interactive exercises. Tracking tools allow teachers (and training managers!) to see which exercises students have worked on, and how much time they have spent on each one.

It is impossible for me to imagine a course which is simply ‘done in the classroom’, without being able to provide autonomous learning opportunities outside class, too. And students busy with many after- class activities or busy Business English students, who often travel, will appreciate this course enrichment more than most.

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It’s extremely low cost, we rebrand it to look like your website school and we have material to complement every coursebook on the market. And you can add your own.

So contact us for a free demo and let us help your school GROW!

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