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The best series of books in English for ESL students

The best series of books in English for ESL students

In the wintertime, the evenings are longer and we usually spend more time indoor. It is a good time to grab an inspiring book in English and kill two birds with one stone:) – while reading for pleasure extend one’s vocabulary, understand grammar structures seeing them in the context and practise reading techniques, so helpful when you decide to take English language exams !

Why ESL students should use graded readers?
Graded readers or ‘readers’ are books that have had the language level simplified to help second language learners read them.
For most language learners, reading a book in English would be a daunting task. They would find too many unknown words and be presented with language way beyond their level which would make understanding the book very difficult. If learners start with graded readers they won’t have to stop and look up lots of unknown words in the dictionary. Research has shown that students who read in English improve in every area of language learning at a faster rate than students who don’t read. ‘Readers’ can be an excellent way to motivate students and they should be a really enjoyable part of the course.
Here is a list of the best series of books in English, from the beginner to advanced level, for people learning English as a second language.
Reading newspaper stories, or horoscopes can also be fun!

I. Beginner Level:

II. Intermediate level:

III. Advanced level:


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