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How to blend online learning with traditional classroom teaching

How to blend online learning with traditional classroom teaching

BLENDED LEARNING: It’s becoming the most popular form of teaching.

It saves teachers a lot of time , as they have ready online material that can be either employed as an integral part of their syllabus/workplan, or used freely in the classroom instead of coursebooks. They can show material on the whiteboard, making use of the exciting interactive exercises we offer, or print out exercises to do in class.

LLE covers reading, listening, writing, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary and reading too. Not only that but we offer computer checked exercises, reports checking progress and over 1500 units covering all areas of English, and all six CEFR levels. There are video introductions to grammar units, in the form of short dialogues, which give contextualised examples of language in context, all within carefully managed vocabulary loads. We have include video explanations of the grammar points to supplement the text, for example, the present perfect continuous and stative verbs. Many grammar and vocabulary areas like articles, the passive, transport and clothes, or functions like small talk, Business English are covered in multiple units at different levels, keeping the load manageable to students. Reading and listening units cover a range of contexts, situations and accents; pronunciation covers both receptive and productive skills, and vocabulary includes lexical sets, wider semantic fields, collocations, illustrated idioms and phrasal verbs. Speaking and writing are also covered too – marked by Oxford -based teachers.

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