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Collaborative English Learning

Collaborative English Learning

Receptive skills are used when listening and reading. Students receive the message and decode the meaning to understand it. It’s a passive process.

Productive skills are used when speaking and writing. Students use the language they have acquired and produce a message through speech or a written text.


It is well know fact that English learners tend to develop receptive skills ( Listening and Reading) faster than productive skills ( Speaking and Writing). Have students practise both receptive and productive language skills!

In order to fully develop both types of skills, students must have plenty of opportunities to receive and produce the language in all four domains.


And Collaborative Learning is the perfect method of combing both language skills, and giving students opportunity to actually produce the language.


The Project Centre available on the Let’s Learn English e-learning platform has become very popular in its first month of use. It allows students to collaborate adding their own media and text to a joint project. This makes the learning process not only receptive by taking the information from the website, but also productive where they produce their own material. It is the future of language learning!

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