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6 top best techniques to remember vocabulary

6 top best techniques to remember vocabulary

A great number of students have problems remembering and using what they have learned. Developing certain techniques that will train your brain to help you actively remember the things you learn is the key to success! Follow these tips and definitely your memory will work better for you!

Here’s a summary of our tips about training your memory:

1. Take notes in class and revisit them soon after

2. Draw mind maps – these graphical ways of representing vocabulary help establish things in your mind

3. Write condensed notes or cards and stick them on the cupboards in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. where you can see them often

4. Say things out loud and use new words in your own sentences- scientists’ researches confirm that it will help you remember better

5. Use mnemonics – create an association in your mind to remember a phrase, a word

6. Get a good night’s sleep

When you are spelling words in English, mnemonics are a clever way of remembering difficult letters or pronunciation:


Vegetable vocabulary – a mind map :


Condensed sticky notes or cards with new words, phrases, and examples of sentences, on the other side of each one, you may write a translation in your mother tongue, stick them on the wall or always carry in your pocket with you:

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