Let’s Learn English is an online self-access centre for students of English as a Foreign or Second Language. It provides information and tests on all areas of English, including examinations students often take.
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Discover how Let's Learn English is the right platform for your students.

Let’s Learn English is the world’s largest online self-access centre, and is growing all the time.

How is Let’s Learn English annerledes from other products on the market

Lets learn English

Let’s Learn English has been designed for schools to use as an integral part of their English Language study programme, the self-access content of the site blending with what the students will learn in class

Flexibility is built in to the Let’s Learn English design. Students can be given a course to study on the website, either chosen by the school from one of the courses designed by the Let’s Learn English staff, or created by the school from the list of thousands of exercises available.

Alternatively, they can make use of the free study option, where they can study from any of over 6000 units in the site.

Therefore, Let’s Learn English has been designed for schools to use as an integral part of their English Language study programme, the self-access content of the site blending with what the students will learn in class, to provide that all important linkage between classwork and self-access.

Schools purchase access codes for each student in their school, enabling the students to work in the study centre of the school, but also at home. Schools can also customise a cloned version of Let’s Learn English and install it on their own website, with the graphics and content altered to reflect the rest of the website. Schools effectively get their own version of the world’s largest online ELT self-access centre. This will cost a lot less than you think!

Kunde Suksess Historier

Det er betryggende å vite at hvis det oppstår problemer med implementeringen eller driften av nettstedet, har jeg ett kontaktpunkt, og ikke en ny person hver gang.
Cambridge English For Life
Kuala Lumpur
Vi har vært medlemmer av Let's Learn English i åtte år, og nettstedet har utviklet seg mye i løpet av den tiden. Teamet er alltid tilgjengelig for å svare på spørsmålene våre, og de svarer alltid raskt på henvendelsene våre.
Vi har vært medlemmer av Let's Learn English i seks år, og nettstedet har utviklet seg mye i løpet av den tiden. Angus og Sandy har alltid lyttet til forslagene våre og implementert dem der det har vært mulig.
Internasjonalt hus
Ved forrige British Council-inspeksjon var inspektørene spesielt imponert over hvordan Let's Learn English var integrert i den daglige undervisningen.
The Lake School of English
Da vi bestemte oss for å ta i bruk Let's Learn English, ble det godt mottatt av lærerne våre, som nå bruker det daglig med elevene. Elevene liker det også, og ser på det som en sentral del av pensum i engelsk.
British Council
I utgangspunktet likte vi at Angus Savory var en DELTA-utdannet engelsklærer. Han kom til prosjektet med en ELT-bakgrunn og snakket til meg på et språk jeg forsto.
Internasjonalt hus

Who writes the content for Let’s Learn English?

In recent years there has been an explosion of web-based ELT writing. Much of this is free and a lot of it is of high quality. Yet, there has been a large increase in free ELT sites written by well-intentioned yet inexperienced teachers which has led to a lessening of the general quality of content available on the web. Let’s Learn English has been created with the aim of redressing this balance by providing a one-stop site for English Language students and teachers who wish to access ELT content of the highest quality available. The website was set up by ex British Council teachers, with a strict set of criteria for the writing of content for the site. Writers must:
lets learn english

What’s the Let’s Learn English Philosophy?

Let’s Learn English aims to provide the following elements to students of English:

lets learn english

Om Let’s Learn English Courses

Students can be given a course to work through by their teacher. These courses require a student to do each element of the course in a particular order, and students must attain a minimum level in each test to be able to proceed. There are at present over 100 different courses, each concentrating on a different level of English and a different area of the language.

Teachers can create customised courses for their students in as little as five minutes, by choosing elements from more than 6000 units of English we have.

There are six levels which correspond to the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) framework for language learning competence and over 6000 units of content with new units are added on a weekly basis.

How should schools use Let’s Learn English?

Let’s Learn English is an online self-access centre. Its use for schools is as a one-stop library of information and tests for students to supplement what they learn in the language classroom. Students who have a particular weakness in their classwork can be guided to an area of the website, where they will find supplementary materials on just that weak area, to give them extra practice. As exercises are marked by the program, the student receives instant feedback on their efforts.

Lets learn english

How does a school join?

Schools join Let’s Learn English by purchasing subscriptions for a specific number of students (a minimum of 300 students is required for a school subscription). Subscriptions can be from 3 months to a year or more. The more students you have, or the longer the subscription period, the lower the cost per student. A free account will be given to each teacher, along with a free general administrative account for the whole school.

Customising Let’s Learn English for your school

Schools can opt for a further partnership with us by having Let’s Learn English in its entirety, branded for your school. We work with the school to make changes to the graphics and overall look of the site, so that it fits in with that of the school, and becomes a seamless extension to the school’s website.
let's learn english
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