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Let's Learn English was created by teachers with teachers in mind

We at Let's Learn English are teachers. We know how busy a teacher's life can be. Before the start of lessons we are preparing the class, writing up worksheets, marking compositions, cueing up CDs and doing photocopying; between classes, we are dealing with student queries, liaising with our partner teachers, nipping to the loo and trying to make and drink a hot cup of tea or coffee before the next lesson starts. What we need is materials that high quality, easy to organise, can enhance our students' understanding of the language we are introducing, and which supplement what we are doing in class. What we don't need is materials that take forever to find and offer an experience that is not harmonious with what we have done in class.



Material created at Let's Learn English is all written by practising teachers. However, just having a teacher write the materials is not enough. We need writers with robust qualifications and experience. All our writers are DELTA, or M.A. qualified and have at least ten years' experience teaching. They are also practising teachers, not teachers who have left the chalkface and therefore lost touch with the teaching experience. Business English writers are business English teachers; exam materials writers have been teaching Cambridge exams for many years and are in most cases Cambridge examiners; young learner writers are experts in their field. We are not just writers for Let's Learn English; we have also written for the biggest names in ELT - Oxford University Press and MacMillan.


Most teachers use coursebooks with their students. However, when it comes to giving students materials from a learning platform, how can they make sure that what they are giving their students for homework or in the computer centre covers the same topic area, or teaches the same lexical sets or structures as that which they do in class. We have made that work easy for teachers by cross-referencing our in-house materials with those from over 120 coursebooks from all major publishers. Simply choose the book you are using with your students, and you will see what is covered in each unit of the book and a link to what we have in our materials database which covers the same area. Once you have logged on, you can find the homework or supplementary material for your students within a few seconds, leaving more time for other matters.


Wouldn't it be great if you could turn all those fabulous worksheets you create and print off every day into digital format? With Let's Learn English, this authoring facility is available and what's more, is really easy to use. Create your own content using our word processing tools, or copy and paste. Want to add multimedia? Child's play, with simple tools to insert images, audio, .pdf documents and video into your worksheets to bring them to life. Bring the world of YouTube into your classroom at the click of a button. You can create true/false, multiple choice, multiple-matching, matching pairs, proofreading, sentence transformation, reordering, colouring in, picture connection, listening, reading comprehension and gap-fill exercises for your students. What's more, all the materials created by teachers in one school are only available for students at that school to use, so you are not giving away all your creativity. Remember though, that we already have thousands of exercises and introductions already in the system covering all the usual topics.


We typically arrange our virtual school in the same way as your real school is organised: teachers have classes, and students are arranged into those classes. My 16:00 class will have eight students at Cambridge First level. This will be reflected on my profile in the Let's Learn English platform. I see all my students, and can check their online attendance and if they have completed their tasks, how long they took to complete them, and their results. I can view every single exercise each one has completed and can write notes to individual students on their performance. I can communicate with my students, or other teachers through the LLE noticeboard; I can even set up online multimedia projects for my students to do in class time or after school.


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