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Trend – teaching pronunciation from TV

Trend – teaching pronunciation from TV

All language teachers are aware of the fact that pronunciation is extremely important while learning a new language. However, many of them do not teach it because they consider vocabulary and grammar more important. On the one hand, it is assumed that if a learner knows basic grammar and vocabulary, they still can communicate without problems, even with a poor pronunciation. On the other hand, ignoring the basic rules of pronunciation can cause many problems. Especially in English language it is very easy to confuse two words and articulate them in the wrong way, which may result in an unintentional offence even. It proves that pronunciation does matter. So how to do it? How to grab students attention ? The best way is to link learning with their interests.

Currently, there is a worldwide trend of watching TV series. Everybody is doing it! There is an extensive variety of TV series to choose from. There are series with perfect British English pronunciation as well as American English. This successful method of teaching and learning pronunciation works both for teenagers and adults.

What to do with TV series in the classroom

In the beginning, we should introduce the phonemic alphabet and some basics of English pronunciation, and practise on the vocabulary known to students.


1) We can let students watch the episode, and depending on learners’ level, we may choose the version with English subtitles, or without. We can encourage students to listen to the characters and the way they speak. They also practise listening skills and there is a chance they will start watching TV series in their free time at home. But this is option more for highly-motivated students who want to learn pronunciation later on their own.
2) Teachers can play a video and stop ( or even replay) the scene in particular moment, and explain why the characters say it in that way. This is a good teaching method , especially when working with a big group of students having different motivation levels.

To sum up, using TV series while teaching pronunciation can be very beneficial as students not only learn vocabulary but also the rhythm and intonation of the real spoken English. Apart from that, using TV series makes lessons more engaging and we can get our student’s interest and respect.



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