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What is Let's Learn English?

Let's Learn English is the world's largest online self-access centre, and is growing all the time.

Let’s Learn English is not like other Apps. There are many apps that say you can easily learn another language. They say something like: “You listen, you repeat, you remember!” This is false. You cannot learn a language this way. For proof, an average of 94% of members of three of the most popular Apps for language learning leave after one month. They have realised that learning a language is not that easy. Why do hardly any English Language schools use these same apps for their students? It’s because they do not work! The experts in English Language learning are the professionals who have worked in the area and they know that there is no short cut to learning a language.

Let’s Learn English has paired with over 400 schools, universities and businesses to help them teach their students. Last year, 100% of schools that used Let’s Learn English with their students decided to use us again. That’s because we are the best in the business. And now, we are bringing our tried-and-tested, traditional, thorough method of learning to you, as individual students.

Our courses are easy to use and cover all areas of English: grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation.

Do you want to study for an internationally-recognised exam? We can help with our courses for Cambridge exams like A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Language Cert. We also have Young Learners courses for Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers.

Do you need to study English for business? We have business courses from A2 Pre-Intermediate to C1 Advanced

Join Let’s Learn English and have total flexibility. There is no minimum membership period, change courses as many times as you like, and the Grammar Doctor is always there to help you with your English questions.

  • Placement test.
  • More than 10,000 English exercises.
  • Simple, easy to understand content.
  • A ten question multiple choice test.
  • Notes on each answer, giving students feedback on their errors.
  • Ten part gap-fill follow-up exercise (grammar and vocabulary sections).
  • Many other exercise types: Matching pairs, Proofreading, and more!
  • End of level revision tests.
  • A Grammar Doctor to receive student questions on any area of English.
  • Self-study notes to help you learn from your mistakes.
  • Weekly English jokes with explanations.
  • Weekly English idioms in context, with explanations.

1. Take a placement test now, for free.
2. The test will give you a level, and give you a course to start to follow.
3. Sign up with your credit card.
4. Work through your course at your own pace.
5. Change the course if it is too easy, or difficult for you.
6. Take a test at the end of your course to see how much you have improved
7. Download and print the certificate at the end of the course

Take the placement test now, to check your English level.


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