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Interesting ways of expressing likes and dislikes

Interesting ways of expressing likes and dislikes

Do you know the meaning of this idiomatic expression? What is and what is not your cup of tea?

New interesting ways to say that you like something or don’t!



Expressing likes:

  • I love/I like/ I enjoy listening to music.
  • I’m keen on skiing.
  • I’m fond of cycling.
  • I’m crazy about diving/ theatre.
  • I’m really into skating.
  • I find it relaxing./enjoyable.
  • Travelling is my cup of tea.
Expressing dislikes:

  • I don’t like/enjoy Maths.
  • I find it really boring.
  • I can’t stand writing essays.
  • I hate onions!
  • I dislike going to the beach.
  • Claire detests going to the dentist!
  • Robert loathes garlic.
  • Bunjee jumping is not my cup of tea!

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