On the dole

Explanation: What is an idiom?

To be without a job and receiving money from the government.


"Did you see that programme on the telly last night?"

"What the one about the woman with the enormous-"

"I meant the documentary about unemployment in Bangladesh."

"Oh. Er no."

"Well it appears that, while there are fewer people on the dole here than for the last thirty years, the situation is the opposite over there, and the unemployment rate is rising all the time."


"I don't understand you. You've got digital telly and all you ever do is watch Men and Motors or The Private Channel or other such rubbish. If it's not cars or breasts you're not interested."

"That's unfair! I watched a good documentary only last week as a matter of fact."

"Oh yes? What was it about?"

"Silicon implants in Brazil."



The dole is the money that the government give you if you don't have a job. It is officially called unemployment benefit. A dole queue is the queue you join to receive your money. To dole out is an informal phrasal verb meaning to give.

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