make one's blood boil

Explanation: What is an idiom?

make you extremely angry.


"Did you see that programme on telly last night?"

"What programme was that, then?"

"The one on Zoos. 'Zoos from Hell' it was called."

"No, I was watching the football on the other side."

"Yeah, well, it was terrible. Some of these zoos keep these poor animals in concrete enclosures, with no room to move, no shade from the sun, and they go mad, you know."


"Yeah. They start moving around back and forward, and swinging their heads to and fro. Classic insane behaviour, apparently. "

"How awful!"

"Yeah, and the worst is that they tell the owners of these zoos, and they don't believe it. They just say the animals are happy and that when they keep moving around they're just waiting for feeding time. Completely refuse to admit that they're being cruel to animals. I tell you, it makes my blood boil to think of these people sitting in their big houses, living in riches off the cruelty of wild animals."

"Blimey, you are angry aren't you. You'd better have another pint before you start a fight."

"Yeah, well..."


This idiom is quite easy to understand, blood being synonymous with passion; the hotter your blood, the more passionate or angry you are about something. Interestingly enough, in Swedish, the same idea is expressed by the idiom: It gives me red pimples on my back; and in Afrikaans, a South African language, it's expressed by the saying: I could catch snakes!

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