set the cat among the pigeons

Explanation: What is an idiom?

cause chaos.


"Have you seen your brother, lately?"

"Yeah, he came round last week as a matter of fact"

"How is he?"

"Well, mum hadn't seen him for ages, so after he arrived and she'd calmed down, she got a bit angry that he hadn't been in touch, you see"


"So he says he's got a new job, right"


"Pulling pints in some pub in Birmingham. Well, you know what mum's like"

"How do oyu mean?"

"Well, she's a bit of a snob"

"Oh I see"

"Well, he then tells her...wait for it...he's married!"

"Crickey. What'd your mum say?"

"Well, she wasn't best pleased, I can tell you. But, there's more"


"He tells her he's lost all the money she lent him for his house"


"Yeah, on the horses"



"I bet that set the cat among the pigeons"

"Too right it did. She told him to get out before she kicked him out!"

"Blimey. Another pint?"


This idiom should be fairly easy to understand. If you get a hungry cat, and put it inside a small space with a group of pigeons or any birds, for that matter, you can imaging the result.

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