touch and go

Explanation: What is an idiom?

unsure of success


"Hey Bill."


"Did you see the football this afternoon?"

"No, I missed it. How did we get on?"

"Won, 2-1"

"Oh, good one. How did they play?"

"Well, in the first half we were all over them, but after they scored in the second half they created a few chances. Yeah, for a while it was a bit touch and go, but we held on till the end."

"Thank God for that. What are you drinking?"

"Oh, a pint please mate...."


This idiom, like many in English, comes from many years ago, and describes the moment in chariot racing, when the wheels of opposing horses touched for an instant. This was an exteremely dangerous moment for the riders, because it might end up with them either crashing or moving away unharmed. A touch and go situation, don't you think?

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