mug's game, a

Explanation: What is an idiom?

If something is a mug's game, it's something only a stupid person (a mug) would do.


"Hello George!" Here, let me buy you a drink!"

"Blimey, call the cops, what's happened? You won the lottery?"

"Very funny. Actually I won £100 today on the horses."



"I never bet nowadays."

"Why not?"

"Well, it's a mug's game isn't it? You might have won £100 today, but what about all those times when you didn't win anything?"

"Yeah, that's true, it's a mug's game alright. You going on holiday this year?"

"Yeah, three weeks in Las Vegas..."


The word mug can also be used on its own, as someone who is easily fooled into doing things (s)he wouldn't normally do. A mug is the kind of person who spends £15 on an electronic screwdriver that doesn't have a hole to put the battery in, so it can't work. I suppose that makes me a mug, because that's what I did last month!!!

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