Everyday Idioms with 'Moon'

Did you manage to see the supermoon yesterday? I didn't. Many people in the UK and abroad managed to take photos of the full moon as it made its closest approach since 1948.

How do you think they felt?

1) Under the moon

2) Like a moon

3) Round the moon

4) Over the moon

Other idioms with 'moon':

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON- rarely "We only go out once in a blue moon"
TO PROMISE/ ASK FOR THE MOON- to make extravagant promises to someone/ to ask for too much, something that is not possible " 1000 euros for her birthday?
She is asking for the moon!"
MANY MOONS AGO- a long time ago ( old-fashioned)

BBC News: In pictures " The supermoon" http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-37976112


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Joanna Kawrow 15-11-2016

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