Cambridge Exams - 8 Tips for Exam Preparation

Cambridge English is “everyday English”, it prepares you for living and working in an English-speaking country. The Cambridge English exams, which are available throughout the year, are taken by more than 3 million people each year around the world.

The Certificates are very valuable for your future career prospects and are accepted in almost every country in the world (over 130) as recognition of your level of English. Check out for more information.

Let's Learn English Exams Centre

Our online Exams Centre offers preparation and practice in all the major general and academic Cambridge exams like: KET, PET, FCE (First Cert),CAE (Advanced),CPE (Proficiency), IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. In addition to having whole exams for students to practise their knowledge, we break each exam down into its constituent parts to analyse what it is testing, how it it tests you, common pitfalls and advice about tacling questions in the correct order. Exercises are timed to stimulate the exam environment and encourage effective time management. All exam materials are are written by practising exam teachers and Cambridge examiners. Our teachers are trained Cambridge English Examiners.



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Joanna Kawrow 14-11-2016

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