Computer and the Internet Vocabulary

Are you a computer geek? If not, these words and expressions are a real 'must' for you to know in the XXI century! How many words related to the world of computers and the Internet do you already know?



cookies - 1) a thin, flat cake that is dry and usually sweet, 2) a piece of information stored on your computer, which contains information about Internet documents you have looked at

Collocations related to computer and the Internet world:

to surf the Internet/Net/Web- to look at information on the Internet by moving from one pageto another using electronic links
to download sth from the Internet-to copy computer programs, musicor other information electronically using the Internet
to install software- to put a piece of equipmentsomewhere and make it ready to use
a backup copy- an extra copy of computer information
to reboot a computer- When a computer reboots, it switches off and then starts again immediately, and when you reboot a computer, you make it do this
a mouse pad - sth underneath the mouse to stop it slipping and improve its accuracy
screen resolution - how many pixels across and down the screen
external hard drive/hard disc - additional storage you can connect to your computer
to store data - to save your work
memory card - a device for storing information in computers or digital cameras
graphics card - the part inside a computer that allows it to receive and show pictures and video
touchscreen tablet - a tablet with a screen that works when you touch it
USB flash drive/memory stick/pendrive- a small electronic device designed to store information that can be put into a computer, mobile phone, etc
social networking website - websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. where people meet and socialise
wireless network - network that does not require wires
to run a program- to start an application
Internet access- to connect to the World Wide Web (www)
WiFi password- a secret word that allows you to access the Internet
to double click- to click twice on sth on the screen
to retrieve data- to get something after first finding it
a corrupt file- if information on a computer is corrupt, it has been damaged or spoiled.

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Joanna Kawrow 09-11-2016

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